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The Italy Inheritance Tax Calculator is designed to provide inheritance tax calculations for residents and non-residents who have or will receive inheritance in Italy. The calculator allows quick inheritance tax calculations so that you can calculate the total inheritance tax due in Italy in 2024. This calculation provides you with two important pieces of financial information, the first is the amount of tax you owe on inheritance received in Italy, the second is the net amount of inheritance received after tax.

Italy Inheritance Tax Calculator 2024
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What is Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance tax in Italy is levied on assets that are transferred upon the death of an individual. These assets can range from real estate and financial investments to personal belongings. The tax is applied based on the value of the inheritance and the relationship between the deceased and the inheritor.

Who is Liable for Inheritance Tax?

Both residents and non-residents of Italy may be subject to inheritance tax. The tax implications differ depending on your residential status:

  • Residents: Subject to inheritance tax on worldwide assets.
  • Non-Residents: Subject to inheritance tax only on assets located in Italy.

Components of Inheritance

An inheritance may consist of various types of assets, including:

  1. Real Estate: Houses, apartments, and other forms of property.
  2. Financial Assets: Stocks, bonds, and savings accounts.
  3. Personal Belongings: Jewelry, cars, and artwork.
  4. Business Interests: Shares in family-owned businesses or partnerships.

How to calculate Inheritance Tax in Italy

You can calculate inheritance tax manually using the latest inheritance tax rates and thresholds and the tax formula shown below or use the free online inheritance tax calculator provided by iCalculator.

Italy Inheritance Tax formula

You can calculate inheritance tax manually using the following inheritance tax formula:

Inheritance Tax = (a - c) x (b / 100)


  • a = The inheritance amount received or expected in Italy.
  • b = The relevant rate of inheritance tax in Italy associated with your relation to the deceased.
  • c = The relevant inheritance tax relief you are entitled to.

Payment and Filing

Once the inheritance tax is calculated, it must be paid within a stipulated timeframe to avoid penalties. The payment can generally be made through bank transfer, direct debit, or at designated offices. Filing the required forms correctly is crucial for compliance with Italian tax law.


Inheritance tax is an essential aspect of Italy's taxation system. While it can be complex, understanding the basic principles and components can help you navigate this often emotional and challenging time more easily. For specific rates and more details, please consult our inheritance tax calculator and tables.

Inheritance Tax Rates in Italy

The table below specifies the relevent inheritance tax rates applicable in Italy, these were last updated in line with the published inheritance tax rates in 2024.

Italy Inheritance Tax Tables in 2024: Inheritance Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual)
Inheritance Tax RateInheritance Tax Allowance:Applies to:
0%€ 0.00Business is inherited by a child
4%Up to € 1,000,000.00 eachBeneficiary is the spouse or a child of deceased
6%Up to € 100,000.00 eachBeneficiary is a sibling of deceased
8%Up to € 1,500,000.00Beneficiary is unrelated to deceased

You can view historic inheritance tax rates and other tax rates and allowances in the Italy Tax Tables.

How to use the Italy Inheritance Tax Calculator

You can view the calculator inline or full screen. The inline view displays the calculator surrounded by the normal menus and links to other tools and supporting information. The full screen view removes or the unnecessary information so you can focus solely on using the Italy Inheritance Tax Calculator. The following step-by-step guides to calculating inheritance tax online with the Italy Inheritance Tax Calculator covers all the functions within the inheritance tax calculator:

How to complete an Inheritance Tax Calculation

  1. Select Normal View or Full Screen View.
  2. Select Resident or Non-Resident
  3. Enter the Inheritance Amount expected/received.

Historical Inheritance Tax in Italy

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